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WordPress Websites Require Special Attention. Why? We'll Explain.

Managing a WordPress website is extremely time consuming. Customers always ask if maintaining the website is something they can do. As much as we'd like to say the answer is yes, it's not totally true. We're guessing most of the customers who manage and operate their own WordPress site aren’t even aware that the website is outdated. The necessity to update the site is extremely important. Leaving the themes, plugins, and WordPress core outdated potentially leaves a back door open for attacks. Even worse, someone can steal sensitive data the site collects, such as credit card numbers or personal customer data. Once this happens, it may be too late.

So How Does It Work?

The Initial Check Up Is Performed
We diligently assess the backend and determine what needs to be updated or harden. If WordPress plugins, themes, or the core itself is outdated. We evaluate the situation and come up with an action plan.
Action Plan Is Put Into Action
We provide a checklist of all of the task we will be performing on behalf of the customer. All tasks will be completed in a timely manner by the agreed upon due date.
We Deliver Your Website With Good Health
You can sleep better at night knowing we have hardened the website and updated all components. These elements help harden the website's back and frontend from malicious attacks.

Are You Ready To Get A WordPress Website Check Up?

The WordPress check up packages provides a peace of mind to customers. The package is a dedicated service that anticipates surprise issues from occurring. We have perfected the WordPress check up process by using enterprise level software specifically designed for small and medium businesses. The software allows us to determine what updates are a high priority for the site and when to deploy said updates. These updates are performed when traffic is quiet on the site. The WordPress check up is a core business WP By Hand performs on a daily basis with our monthly support customers. The insurance of a professional WordPress specialist consistently monitoring the website, allows the customer to focus on running the important aspects of the business.