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Why WordPress Is Right For You!

Why choose WordPress for your website? For starters, the WordPress platform comes with a content management system (CMS). This allows website owners to perform mundane tasks without needing a webmaster to make necessary updates. There’s a misnomer around the web that WordPress is just a blogging platform. Perhaps in the early days this statement was true. Fast forward to today and business owners have a full fledged professional website based off the platform. Let’s discuss 3 benefits of using WordPress and why you should choose WordPress.

Open Source Software

This is a fancy word that means free. Who doesn’t like free? The ole adage of ‘you pay what you get for’ certainly does not apply to this software. WordPress may be an open source software, but the community involved are true truly devoted to the product, including us, which means there is a ton of support out on the internet. With thousands, if not, millions of plugins and theme developers, the gigantic community of developers, designers, and project managers are far from scarce and always willing to help at no cost. People really dig the software and we couldn’t agree more.

Beautiful Themes

Themes, or website templates, are pre-made websites dedicated to WordPress. Themes can be purchased from marketplaces like ThemeForest or iThemes. In addition, some theme developers provide frameworks in addition to a theme. A framework is a stand-alone base/starter Theme that is intended either to be forked into another Theme, or else to be used as a Parent Theme template. We’ll discuss more about frameworks and their pros and cons in another post. For now, understand there are free themes that can be directly downloaded from WordPress or purchased from the marketplaces mentioned earlier.

Content Management System

We briefly discussed in the intro a content management system (CMS). The main benefit of having a simple, user friendly CMS grants website owners the ability to edit content in real time. Of course, we always recommend having two websites, one for development work and the other public facing. The ability to see edits with the preview option provides real time access to changes being made. The other main benefit, as you are reading now, is blogging becomes a super simple task for any website owner. As all smart businesses know, blogging is something every business should be performing on a consistent basis.

There are numerous benefits for having your site on WordPress that we didn’t touch. A few other benefits include, search engine optimization (SEO), plugins, easy install, and many more. Generally speaking, WordPress sites ranks high in organic search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The main idea we want to get across is WordPress is more than a blogging software presently and a lot of big companies are using WordPress for their website needs. Let us know what you think about this blog post. Are we right about WordPress? Do you use WordPress? If not, why not?

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