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Why A WordPress Website Is Awesome For Small Business

WordPress Websites Are Becoming the Norm For Small Businesses.

What exactly is a WordPress website? Wikipedia defines WordPress as a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. In non-geeky terms, WordPress is a website platform that comes equipped with a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows website owners to update content, publish blog posts, and control every aspect of the website. The platform provides non-savvy programmers the ability to add or edit content to their website without knowing code.

Why is a WordPress website becoming so popular? The simplicity of the platform is the main reason. We’ll explain why small business owners are running, not walking, to WordPress.

Small Business Are Embracing WordPress Websites

WordPress is a growing behemoth in the web space. According to Search Engine Journal WordPress powers 39.5% of all websites on the Internet. Therefore, 4 out of 10 websites are running WordPress for their website. Think about that for one second, 4 of out 10 websites are using WordPress for their website. Websites like eCommerce, brochure, insurance, and so forth are using WordPress to power their business’ website.

Any size business, small, medium, or enterprise size, are using WordPress for their company needs. For example, the Rolling Stones are using WordPress for their website. WordPress websites are thriving because small business developers are adopting the platform at a rapid pace. For instance, when building a WordPress website, a CMS is provided with the software. A website owner can add photos to the home page. Update text on the about us page. Even add a contact form to the contact page. All in a few clicks. The control a small business owner has over their website is limitless.

The easy to use back end system provides website owners the tools needed to make edits themselves. As a result, small business owners can become their own webmasters. Ideally, a business owner can manage all of the content. However, we’d recommend having a professional handle the web tasks on your behalf. We explain in a separate blog post the benefits of outsourcing WordPress support.

WordPress Website Adoption Rates Are High & Rising

WordPress websites are becoming popular among different types of websites. Everything, from websites that provide general information about their business to a full-fledged online store. Because WordPress has become so popular, many web designers have dedicated their skill set to WordPress exclusively. Hence, the WordPress platform is a popular choice among small business who can collaborate with small business web design firms. What truly separates the platform from others is the community. The WordPress community is a helpful bunch. For example, the WordPress.org website has a dedicated support forum. Any member of the community can sign up to ask WordPress related questions. There’s a good chance a member of the forum will answer the question. Being helpful is a trait all WordPress advocates possess.

As the adoption rate for WordPress grows, so will the cost-savings for small business. Let me explain. If the WordPress platform was inclusive and not used by many websites, the development rates sky rocket to $250 / hour. An expense that a small business may not be able to endure. However, since WordPress is so popular, a small business has more options and developers to choose from.

Giant Ecosystem Of Plugins

Small business websites can benefit from WordPress plugins. A WordPress plugin is a piece of software containing specific features that add to a WordPress website. Due to business owners not knowing how to code, plugins become helpful in this instance. Small business owners are looking for one click and efficient solutions. Plugins are just that. Small pieces of software that provide a function with zero programming knowledge required.

WordPress Plugins are the foundation of the platform. A WordPress plugin is installed within the dashboard. Most all WordPress websites have some sort of plugin installed. For example, a popular contact form plugin Contact Form 7 is a free contact form that website owners can use. The plugin provides the ability for website owners to capture leads or answer any questions from a customer.

Plugins are a helpful way of adding functionality to a WordPress website. Unfortunately, some plugins are abandoned by WordPress developers. Here’s a helpful tip, avoid unsupported plugins. Ensure a plugin is updated on a consistent basis. As a result, a plugin will need to be assessed prior to installing into your WordPress website.

WordPress Themes – Many To Choose From

Small business owners may not have the funds to pay for a custom website. For example, custom websites can cost anywhere from $10,000 – $50,000. Not an ideal expense for a small business. WordPress and other 3rd party designers have built pre-made themes designed specifically for the platform. Pre-made themes can help prevent the cost of hiring a graphic designer to create a website mockup.

When purchasing pre-made themes, make sure the developer provides support. A lot of pre-made themes on the market sell to customers without support provided. A WordPress theme without support is not ideal. Because if a WordPress theme is not updated consistently, there is a good chance the website can become vulnerable in the future. In short, it is extremely important to keep a theme updated. A non-updated theme could cause trouble down the road.

Most of all, consumers are unaware of unnecessary features that are provided when purchasing a pre-made theme. For example, lots of pre-made themes come equipped with bloated plugins. Unnecessary, plugins that drag the website down. Therefore, it is best practice to perform due diligence prior to purchasing a pre-made theme.

WordPress For The Win

We hope we provided ample information to help business owners make an informed decision when developing a website. There is no such thing as the perfect platform, but we feel a WordPress¬† website can help increase a small business’ bottom line.