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Email Marketing Tips

How To Perform Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem archaic, but is one of the most effective inbound marketing channels and number one conversion avenue.

Email marketing should be a top priority for any business. Over the years, we have noticed a lot of small businesses do not take advantage of email marketing. For instance, all website owners should have an email marketing strategy. Why you ask? Because having the ability to reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers with one click is great! We will provide helpful tips on assisting small businesses with an email marketing campaign and how to convert leads into customers.


Begin With Coming Up With A Strategy

Now that you know email marketing is an effective marketing tool, let’s come up with a strategy. Depending on what type of website and business you have, your strategy will vary. For example, an eCommerce website will focus on selling products. Another example, a website that provides services can create an email marketing campaign focused on the services the company provides. Let’s focus on a company that provides a service, more specifically, a chiropractor.

First things first, how can a chiropractor use email as a marketing tool? For starters, what does her patients desire when visiting her office? If her patients want more tips on less back pain, the doctor can write a blog post and provide tips on how to prevent back pain. The doctor can send out the blog post via an email campaign to all her patients. Here’s an example of the doctor coming up with continuous content to promote through an email campaign. The main purpose is to determine what type of strategy will help a business with generating leads.


How To Collect Emails From Your Website

Next up is composing an email strategy for the business to collect emails. How do you plan on collecting emails? Businesses can implement numerous ways in collecting emails. For example, an email can be collected on a website, through a contest, or the good ole fashion way of putting out a sign up sheet. An incentive should be provided in exchange for an email. Let’s take a contest as an example. Run a contest on social media, say Facebook. A user provides an email in exchange for an opportunity to win an Amazon gift card. To collect email addresses from a website requires an exchange of some sorts. What can a business provide in exchange for an email address?

For example, a business can provide free samples of the services. We don’t mean giving away the service for free, rather providing tidbits of helpful information the target audience can use. Kinda like this blog post! We’re providing helpful tips on how to implement an email marketing campaign, without giving away the secret sauce. Provide a sample of information in exchange for an email address; businesses want to learn how to be self-sufficient, while you collect email addresses for marketing purposes.


Time To Implement An Email Marketing Strategy

Examples have been provided of how you can implement an email marketing campaign. The next step is to implement the strategy. A word to the wise. The beginning stages will be tough. Remember that collecting emails is a marathon, not a sprint. Experiment with different methods of collecting emails. First, try running a contest with a gift card for first place. Second, add an email signup field on the website, provide an exchange of sorts. If an individual signs up give them 10% off a service or product. Lastly, put out a sign up sheet for customers. Inform the customer the sign up sheet is for sending out occasional emails.

We’ve provided a variety examples and helpful tips for you. Now is time for you as a business owner to implement these tips and start generating leads and turning them into customers. Let’s us know what you think about the blog post in the comments section. We love chatting with other like minded entrepreneurs!