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How Can We Help You?

We offer all different types of WordPress services tailored to your exact needs. Everything to proactively managing the website on a daily basis to providing custom development solutions to help you stand out from the crowd. Below is a list of services we offer to customers.

WordPress Support

Dedicated support to websites is a must for busy businesses. These types of services include website up-time monitoring, WordPress core updates, plugin & theme updates, and redundant backup integration to maintain proper functionality. WP By Hand support is a reactive solution designed to help customers with any WordPress tasks. We alleviate all website responsibility by making sure the site is running optimally. We have a support system that enables customer to interact directly with the account manager who work closely with all developers to make the necessary support updates to the site.

WordPress Development

We understand each project is unique and some need to have custom elements, that’s why we have the best group of programmers for custom projects. The programmer works closely with the customer and project manager to determine the exact solution that will help in solving the initial problem now and in the future. Development services consist of updating a website’s design, programming a new feature on the website, and custom development work tailored to a customer’s website.

WordPress Design

One of the amazing perks about working within WordPress is the design factor. WordPress comes with a repository of themes, think of themes as pre-designed templates, right from the company website. The themes come in many shapes and sizes. If a customer is looking for a specific design chances are there is a theme suited for their needs. However, if the client is looking more for a custom design, WordPress is able to handle this task as well. Custom design can be provided for any project. WordPress Design is focused on helping customers either choose a theme from a third party or help the customer design a theme from the ground up.

WordPress Management

WordPress websites are not “set it and forget it” type of sites. Many WordPress websites are running numerous plugins and themes that need updating on a regular basis. Not to mention upgrading WordPress core files as well. Forgetting and ignoring to upgrade these elements can leave a digital backdoor open for malicious individuals to access the site’s sensitive data. WordPress management offers proactive solutions to assist customers maintain the site 24/7 while making sure the highest security protocols are programmed onto the site. The management service is performed on a routine basis to verify all plugins, themes, and the main WordPress core site are updated to the most stable versions.

WordPress Plugin Development

There are numerous ways of adding functionality to a WordPress website. One of those methods is installing a plugin. A plugin is simply an application that adds features to the website. Some customers require a specific feature or element that cannot be found in the WordPress plugin repository. We’ve developed plugins in the past and have helped customers with adding custom features to their website. Each plugin is programmed to play nice with the customer’s website to avoid conflict issues down the line.


When was the last time you updated any of the components on your WordPress site? Worry something is going to break? Let WP By Hand perform a WordPress audit on your site! We offer a WordPress Check Up Package that provides peace of mind to our customers. Knowing you have a WordPress specialist who maintains and provides support allows for a good night’s rest.