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The Real Benefits Of A Website Redesign

When was the last time you performed a website redesign? If your website hasn’t been redesigned in a few years, the website may look out of date. Let us provide helpful advice on website redesign topics and how you can tell if your website is outdated.

A website redesign is a topic lots of web designers have with customers. Not an easy topic, but one that must be discussed eventually. An outdated website can affect the bottom line. For example, an obsolete site can deter customers from performing a conversion. A conversion can consist of a phone call to the business or filling out a form for the business to collect leads. Outdated websites can be harmful to a business. For example, a customer will not do business with an outdated website period. Let’s discuss aspects about a website redesign and how you can benefit from a new fresh coat of paint.

Website Redesign Cost

The first question we receive is how much does a web redesign cost? The answer is, it depends. For instance, a redesign cost will vary depending on the type of redesign you want. Will the website incorporate new features? Do you want the website to be responsive to mobile devices? Are we going to upgrade the website’s hosting? These are some of the questions to get the customer thinking about the new design.

The first phase of the redesign is to evaluate the current site. For instance, go through the existing website and keep a list of features you like and don’t like. Determine what is presently working in terms of conversions. Eliminate the aspects of the website that aren’t working or you don’t like. If you have Google Analytics installed – the software will be a helpful tool to determine how your audience interacts with the website.

In short, a redesign is a collaborative effort with the web designer and customer. Both participants will need to strategize on how to make the website’s redesign optimal for conversions and engaging for customers.

Why A Website Redesign Can Help Generate Revenue

An outdated website will hurt the bottom line. A study performed by Kissmetrics suggests a design improvement can help increase revenue. For example, if an existing website is poorly designed there’s a good chance customers are not able to find the content they’re looking for. If a customer cannot find the content she’s looking for, chances are the visitor will leave the website and head to a competitors website. A new design can assist with customer engagement. For instance, a website that is easy to use will help customers find the product or service she is looking for.

Picture an outdated website. How do you feel when on a website that appears old? For example, would you feel comfortable performing a transaction on a website that looks outdated? Chances are a visitor will not purchase or perform any actions on an old site. A website who’s design appears outdated deters visitors from making a purchase or interacting with the site. Especially, if the website doesn’t provide some form of a secure check out process.

As you can imagine, a website that looks and feels clunky cannot help but deter customers. An outdated website is likely to have a bad user experience, therefore, losing a visitor or worse, lose a customer who’s ready to purchase.

Focus On A Redesign That Converts Customers

Designing a website to look pretty and have cool features is a nice touch. The real focus of a redesign is to place the customer on a journey and have them perform a specific action. For instance, a customer journey will consist of guiding them to contact you on the phone, fill out a web form, or request a quote. The goal is to have the customer perform an action that helps a business generate money. Not an easy task, but certainly attainable.

A conversion can consist of any specific action a customer performs. For example, a conversion can be a customer filling out a form, instructing the customer to call the business, or download a PDF for more information. All websites need to set goals of what the customer should perform.

The web designer can assist coming up with creative ways on how to successfully convert the customer’s target audience.

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