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Why You Should Outsource WordPress Support

WordPress is a wonderful software lots of businesses are adopting for their website needs. The platform provides a built in content management system (CMS) that allows for simple updates to the website. Managing a WordPress website is certainly a full time job. As a business owner, the time and resources it takes to manage a website takes away from resources focusing on generating revenue. Here’s the real question for business owners, can you afford to give up revenue in order to maintain the site? WordPress support is an aspect most, if not all, businesses should be outsourcing to a WordPress management company. We’ll discuss three reasons why. Let’s begin!

Benefit Of Outsourcing WordPress Support

The concept of outsourcing is not new. A lot of large corporations are outsourcing customer service to provide round the world support. By delegating and outsourcing these tasks to other departments within the company free up other departments to focus on generating revenue for the company. What does this have to do with WordPress support? Simple, hiring a boutique WordPress management firm who specializes in proactively managing a customer’s website allows the business to focus on the business as a whole, while generating more revenue and growing the company. As a business owner you don’t have time to monitor all the fine details of the WordPress site and are better off focusing on running the business. The message is simple, delegate tasks to a professional while maintaining the day to day of the business.

What Comes With WordPress Support

Now the fun part begins. What exactly is a business owner getting with WordPress support? For starters, all of the WordPress related tasks are managed by a professional who is an expert in WordPress. Tasks that take more than an hour or more to accomplish can be delegated to the management company who can finish in half the time. Responsibilities include assuring the entire WordPress website is programmed with tight security. Website security has been a hot topic as of late with lots of websites having vulnerabilities exposed to the public. A WordPress expert can plug these holes up and stays up to date with the latest trends. All plugins and the WordPress database are updated to the most recent releases to ensure security holes are plugged. The main message is WordPress support provides peace of mind to the business owner knowing an expert WordPress team is monitoring all facets of the website.

What Type Of Support Is Right For You

As a business owner, you have a better understanding of the day to day operations and as the official webmaster of the website, plugin updates and posting new content is time consuming. There are a variety of support plans WordPress management boutiques can offer. Everything from updating plugins, themes, and the WordPress core database to securing the WordPress website, updating customer provided content, and making sure the web host is optimized. The plans each company provides can be tailored to a customer’s requirements. Determine the type of WordPress support you’ll need going forward and see how having a dedicated team can alleviate these daily responsibilities.


The message we want our readers to understand is how important it is for business owners to focus on generating revenue for the business. Give the keys to a WordPress support management company who can optimize and streamline the process of updating the website, while sales, accounting, marketing, and other departments focus on growing the business as a whole.


  1. Mark says:

    Hi! thanks for great article!
    I think some themeforest authors will also looking for a outsource company that will do support work for their wordpress themes, products. I was searching for a such company for about 3 years (I am a author on themeforest for 4 years). Finally I found a great team and I am very happy with their services. their name is Gudesk, I will not give a URL because this is not advertising. If you need, you will find it. I just thought that maybe somebody is searching like me some time ago 🙂

    • Andrew Lopez says:

      Hi Mark! Thanks for the kind words! How is being an author for ThemeForest treating you? I’d be interested to hear how you found a support team. Perhaps this is an avenue we and others can pursue. Appreciate the comment and looking forward to your reply!

      • Mark says:

        Actually, they found me. I got a message from them directly on themeforest and we start our collaboration. Now, I finally got rid of all support stuff, I work only on developing new themes and design my new projects. And that makes sens for me. Because right now I have more free time for things I love. With gudesk we have a good relationship, i am satisfied. 70% of their clients are from Themeforest, so they are familiar with this marketplace.

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