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Did Your Website Survive Google’s Mobile-Geddon?

Mobile-Geddon Has Arrived

Google announced back in February that all websites that are not mobile friendly by April 21st will be dinged on mobile organic search. The day has come and gone with the new search algorithm in play for all languages. With a little over four weeks now since the algorithm was implemented, we’d like to discuss why it is so important to have a mobile website and how the WordPress platform can help improve the website’s mobile experience.

The Importance Of Mobile Optimization

The official word came out from Google on May 5th that more searches are performed on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries. One of the 10 countries is the good ole USA. Let the fact of mobile searches having surpassed traditional desktops in USA sink in. We’ll wait. What does this mean for your website? Simple, the day of waiting on implementing a mobile website is gone. If you do not have a mobile optimized site you will see your website ranking dip in the search engine results page. Begin talking to the webmaster who manages the website and plan for incorporating a mobile version of the website this year. A good point of reference is the website’s analytics account. This will you and the webmaster to determine what pages are most visited and most important to conversions. We strongly recommend sitting down and planning out the mobile information architecture prior to any coding takes place. You may not get the mobile site of your dreams initially, but having a mobile site implemented will help secure a higher ranking.

WordPress Can Help With Mobile

WordPress is known for the many features that come of the box. The platform comes equipped with a content management system (CMS for short) which allows the webmaster to modify and manage content. Another amazing feature is the community involved with WordPress. There are numerous developers who specialize and sell preexisting themes specifically for WordPress related sites. These themes come equipped with mobile sites, mostly responsive based. Responsive web design responds to the size of the screen the website is displayed on. A WordPress feature that comes out of the box. The responsive site sites were built for smartphones and tablet devices, which in today’s world have many different sizes. There is no excuse for a WordPress site to not have a responsive website and be Google approved. Make it a goal for making your website a mobile friendly one this year. Don’t wait before its too late.

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